Monday, June 30, 2008

Road Kill Cafe

So, I absolutely HATE American food (such as fast food, especially from diners...) because I swear I've gotten food poisoning at least 12 times from them.  In Alaska, there's usually  only one choice of eating establishment, and it's most likely decorated with dead animals:  Ooooohhhh!!...Look at the cute bunny head on the wall!   I wonder where the rest of the rabbit is?  Wait.  I just found it-smeared with mayonnaise on my plate.


Sluu said...

Haha I love the moose booty hanging over the sign!

June Eunjung Kim said...

HaHaHa...poor bunny but you are soooo delicious(haven't tried it yet though:D)

anyhow...Love it with the colour~
so cool~~>.<