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Strength & Wheel of Fortune

This is a personal project that draws from the symbiology of our family, mostly our kids. We are a multi-ethnic/racial/linguistic/national family.  From my side, Swedish & Scottish-USian, from my husband, Sicilian & Salvadoran.   Fire cards from the tarot Major Arcana. Leo is the sign linked to the Strength card. She commands a calm presence, is courageous, has a clear understanding, is balanced, and is fully in control of the situation. She doesn't let her fears consume her. The Wheel of Fortune is the half-way point of the journey through the Major Arcana. It's a transition from looking outward to turning inward for self & spiritual reflection. It also signifies a turn for the better, holding fast to take advantage of open opportunities. You cannot control the universe, yet you can come to a better understanding of your role in it. If you have been struggling, this is the time to regain control & try again. People from the past will reappear to aid you in your

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