Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Eagle Sun with Mt. Jumbo SOLD

This was one of those rare, yet extremely rewarding instances where the art directed itself and made its own statement.  I was just thinking of creating a pretty picture of Mt. Jumbo, perhaps tied in with Eagle as the sun.  This view is directly across the channel from Mt Juneau, where I did Wolf in the Moon (coincidence, not intended).  With the moon piece, the mine is up and running, taking over the land; Wolf (moon) disapproves.  Here, both the pier and pump house are no longer in operation, and the Eagle (sun)  is triumphant. 


Jeff Smith said...

Is this part of A Klondike Story?

Jeff Smith

Averyl Veliz said...

yep. It's for the Juneau-Douglas City Museum, and I'm using Juneau as the main reference for this show. Right now I'm letting the art do the talking to see what story developments arise and what visually works.

Eunjung June Kim said...