Friday, July 17, 2009

Eagle as Tlingit Chief

I know that the bird posting is redundant, but it's pretty far down on this blog by now. Eagle will be in his human form for most of the story, so it's about time that I finally designed him. He's quite hostile and put off by the Klondikers who invade his land.

Swiftwater Bill/Beaver
This is also a working design for Beaver, who is the main character of my story. His alter ego/human form, Swiftwater Bill, is upside-down on his stomach when he's a beaver. Belittled by the other 4 spirits, Beaver finds popularity and success in the human world to the point that he forgets that he's the the guardian of the lakes and rivers.
I discovered quite early on that beavers are quite dorky animals, and it took me a long time to get his human form figured out. There will probably still be some minor changes, but it's getting there. The real Bill "Swiftwater" Gates (the original, not the PC guy) had a "Prince Albert Physic" and as it turns out, quite the pimp.


Sonia Gaud said...

this is awesome Averyl! when you first proposed the story in the pre-prod class, I was sure this is going to be very interesting!

Averyl Veliz said...

Thanks!So far, it's been tons of fun! How's your project coming along?

Jason Pruett said...

I'm diggin' these designs