Saturday, May 9, 2009

Pantheon of our class gods

This was the last project for my Dynamic Character and Environment class.  The 7 of us made up our mini culture based off of random newspaper clippings our friends and family members provided for us.  Each of us then had to come up with a god (left to right: Cleric, Provider, Healer, Leader, Artist, Warrior, and Wizard) based off of our blind picking of newspaper "artifacts."  This is my rendition of the 7 gods from the sketches I created and received from my classmates.  The character I came up with is called Poye, the Creator (old lady in the middle).

...oh yes...Octo-Mom had to make a cameo as our Wizard.


Jason Pruett said...

that old lady in the middle is my favorite.

June Eunjung Kim said...

wow!! These are awesome!!
I can totally see and hear those creatures moving and talking inside my head!! so cool!!!

Averyl Veliz said...

Girl, you've got problems. You might want to keep that to yourself :0)