Wednesday, January 21, 2009


This is a revisit to Eagle as I am refining his design.  Eagle is the top of the totem, and most powerful spirit both in my story and Tlingit culture.  The hands on his chest foretell his ability to transform into a human.  You can't quite understand his other symbolism without me posting Bear, Wolf, and Beaver yet, but Bear's repetitive Salmon design is Eagle's eye.  The "eyes" on his neck and knees are positive (upright in Tlingit design), where on Wolf they are upside down because Wolf is the spirit of the Underworld like a Hades in my story.  
I'm also including a working version of the five spirits in traditional Tlingit coloring so you can enjoy their awesome graphic style.  I have yet to do other color options for Beaver, which I will post soon.

...and yes, Tlingit Eagles have "ears."


June Eunjung Kim said...

wow!!! Awesome!!!
I really love that pattern -symbol- on your characters.

and every time when i read the story...sounds so cool!! I wish i can read the whole story!!

Averyl Veliz said...

Haha! Someday June, someday. I'm glad you like it; it's very encouraging!