Monday, May 19, 2008

Eagle awakened

So, this is the final result of Eagle coming to life out of the totem. I'm sure I'll keep working with this idea at a later date. It would be fun to storyboard out the whole sequence of all the five spirits morphing out.


Say said...

yo~~looks good~~really!! I could feel the atmosphere~~nice~~

I'm leaving tomorrow at 1:30pm..
I'll miss you (even though it is for 3weeks..^^;;;)
Anyway take care and see you soon.We must hang out before summer~~for sure~~~hahaha See ya

Anonymous said...

This looks just wonderful, Averyl. The limited palette puts the focus on value and light. Very dynamic. I also would love to see the morph for each of the characters. Could you include that in the visuals for Lynn Canal? Martha

Averyl Veliz said...

Thank you so much Martha! I intend on it. I've also been thinking of morphing Orca's spirit in Bonanza Creek.